Charismatic Renewal Liaison      (713) 236-9977 Ext 18Charismatic Renewal Liaison      (713) 236-9977 Ext 18
Charismatic Renewal Liaison      (713) 236-9977 Ext 18Charismatic Renewal Liaison      (713) 236-9977 Ext 18line June
Charismatic Renewal Liaison      (713) 236-9977 Ext 18Charismatic Renewal Liaison      (713) 236-9977 Ext 18

Read Entire Article Benedict XVI Wants More Teamwork With Movements
"One of the positive elements and aspects of the communities of the   
Catholic Charismatic Renewal is precisely the importance given by
them to the charisms and gifts of the Holy Spirit and their merit lies
in having reminded the Church of the actuality [of these gifts]."

Hall of Blessings                 Friday 31, October 2008

The New Evangelization
evangelization: men and women whose lives have been
transformed by meeting with Jesus, men and women who are
capable of communicating this experience to others. The Church
needs saints. All are called to holiness, and holy people alone
can renew humanity."
— Pope John Paul II, August 2004

Pope Benedict XVI Blessing

The Holy Spirit
gives believers a superior vision of
the world, of life, of history, and makes them
custodians of the hope that never disappoints.

"Let us pray to God  the  Father, therefore,  through  
Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the grace of the Holy
Spirit,  so that the celebration of  the Solemnity
of Pentecost may be like an ardent  flame and a
blustering wind for Christian life and for the mission
of the whole Church. I place the intentions of your
Movements and Communities in the heart of the
Most Blessed Virgin Mary, present in the Upper
Room together with the Apostles; may she be the
one who implores God to grant them. Upon all of you
I invoke an outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit, so
that in our time too, we may have the experience
of a renewed Pentecost.    Amen!"
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Solemnity of Pentecost              Saturday  3, June 2006
Isaiah 43:9  The New Springtime for New Evangelization

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Faith into Fire of the Holy Spirit,
Isaiah, Paul, & Community

These weekend retreats , workshops, and seminars seek to lead
individuals into a living  
relationship with Jesus Christ and New Life & Growth  in the Spirit.

The Evangelization teams intercede for the attendees and offer    
personal faith, hope and love experiences, while presenting
scripture, testimony and life changing activities. These retreats
effectively respond to the call of Jesus: Go therefore, and make
disciples of all nations... (Matthew 28:19)
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                                                                             THE YEAR OF FAITH

6. The contemporary world is sensitive to the relationship between faith and art. It is, therefore, recommended that Episcopal
Conferences maximize the catechetical potential - possibly with ecumenical cooperation - of the artistic patrimony of the region entrusted
to their pastoral care.

7. Educators in centers of theological studies, seminaries and Catholic universities should be encouraged in their teaching to
demonstrate the relevance within their various disciplines of the contents of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and of the
implications derived from them.

8. During the Year of Faith, in cooperation with the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, various ecumenical initiatives
are to be planned, aimed at "the restoration of unity among all Christians" which "is one of the principal concerns of the Second Vatican
Council."[22] In particular, there will be a solemn ecumenical celebration in which all of the baptized will reaffirm their faith in Christ.