The Catholic Charismatic Center
of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
We are dedicated to bringing all people to the full life of
Jesus Christ and His Church through the empowerment of the
Holy Spirit.
Our History
The Mission Statement of the Catholic Charismatic Center:
Bishop John L. Morkovsky founded the Catholic Charismatic
Center in 1972.  He appointed Fr. Richard E. Paulissen, M.M.
as Director.  The Center was originally housed in the old St.
Nicholas High School building and remained there for 27
years.  The new Center, located at 1949 Cullen was
completed in May of 1996.  A large number of Catholics
attend Mass and participate in the numerous pastoral
ministries.  It also serves as a meeting place for conferences
and a spiritual Center for all Catholic groups in the
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston with a special outreach to
the prayer groups/assemblies of this Archdiocese.
Our Leaders
The Companions of the Cross, a society of priests from
Ottawa, Canada, assumed the leadership of the Center in
September of 1999 when Fr. Richard E. Paulissen retired.  Fr.
Francis Frankovich became the new Director with Fr. Ed
Wade and Fr. Sean Wenger as his associates.  Then in June
of 2005, Fr. Michael Scherrey was appointed director of the
" My Temple will be called a house of prayer for the people of
all nations."
Isaiah 56:7
Catholic Charismatic Center Cornerstone:       

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I will give you my witness, and then you can apply these small examples to your own situation. I give of my time, talent and
treasure to serve and love God with all my heart and my neighbor as myself. I serve the poor in spirit, the widows, orphans, and
recovering addicts that come into my life.

I spent 4 decades of my life searching for answers to age old questions we all have. Who am I? Why am I here? What is my
purpose? Does God really care about me? Is Jesus the only way to the Father? Why are there so many different religions?
What is the truth?

I have come to believe and know, “Unless we can be true to ourselves first, we cannot be true to others.” To thine own self be
true …. how profound. How many of us have a hard time being true to ourselves? Those of us that have given our life to
another at the cost of losing who we are in the process will have a hard time being true to ourselves.
s. Al

I am the CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC CENTER  RenewalsLiaison and founder of MISSIONS4NewLIFE  Center. rom
takes time. H  
Submitted By: Patricia Allison  January 2013     MISSION AND PURPOSE